Diversity In Religion Essay

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Religious diversity Essay Example for Free - Studymoose.com

Aug 28, 2016 ... A portion of chapter three talks about religious diversity wherein despite the domineering European immigrants taking part in Protestant belief ...

Diversity In Religion Essay

First, fundamental openness and lack of rigidity develop. Clearly, the diversity of religions in the world has been a fact throughout the entire history of all the worlds major living religious traditions. I criticize the adequacy of mere tolerance because, so often, it is based on nothing more profound than sheer inability to exert influence over or to dominate other religions.

Variety and difference among religions is the norm and a precious resource, not a the other facet of appreciation is not so obvious and is not anticipated by most people at the beginning of their journeys toward genuine pluralism. Nevertheless, it continues to be popular in many religions and is at least partially responsible for many of the numerous conflicts currently disrupting our world. South asia has given us hinduism and buddhism, in addition to a number of smaller religions.

The finding of america itself was a mistake, as explorers were searching for a shorter route to india. However, monotheism did not emerge into history full-blown in this form. The leaders of religions, the intellectual and spiritual alike, have no more pressing or relevant agenda before them.

As huston smith has pointed out, the major persecuting religions of the world are monotheistic, and their willingness to persecute is tied directly to their universalistic convictions, especially the conviction that their conceptualization of deity is universally relevant and supreme. Many people value the feeling that their religion is indeed superior to others and regard such religious chauvinism as a necessary component of religious commitment, or even a virtue to be cultivated among the faithful. As one begins to grow toward genuine pluralism, this kind of attraction is not threatening because one realizes that appreciation does not demand personal faith commitment to what one appreciates.

American settlers brought with them three differentviews on. However, the claim that they participate in the categories central to us does not allow for genuine pluralism. In their official theologies, most religions have dealt with religious diversity only in a cursory or inadequate fashion.

Currently in the united states, about one in four, or twenty-six percent, of american adults can speak a language other than english (mccomb). Maintaining barriers and fixed ideas becomes unnecessary growth and development, even radical changes in religious outlook, become intriguing possibilities rather than threats. Nevertheless, this diversity has been made the basis for contention rather than community in many cases, and the monotheistic religions have often been among the worst offenders on this score. United states constitutions bill of rights plays large part in the allowance of religious practice in the united states of america. To be bilingual means to possess the ability to speak two languages, and a society that implements a bilingual approach is one that adapts means of everyday life, ranging from street signs to education, to the inevitabilities of more than one language.


This essay will systematically consider the dynamics of religious pluralism and propose techniques for dealing with diversity. Religious diversity is an important ...
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Diversity In Religion Essay

Religious Diversity In The United States - Essay - 828 Words ...
Read this full essay on Religious Diversity in the United States. There is a great deal of religious diversity these days in the United States of America. Ye...
Diversity In Religion Essay

The strong tendency to display hostility toward different religious positions is connected with a strong tendency toward xenophobia and ethnocentrism. Nevertheless, for most of human history most religions have not presumed to possess universal significance. Such accurate and empathic understanding of the other is the basis of the next important development -- deep and warm appreciation.

Or, to put this position in its best-known form, a christian form made famous by karl rahner, members of other religions are anonymous christians. Long years of studying hinduism and vivid religious experiences in india have taught me that polytheism is far more sophisticated and far less culture-bound than the monotheists ever imagined and that the use of visual metaphors or icons -- so-called idols in the misinformed monotheistic critique -- is no more nor no less idolatrous than the reliance on the word and the verbal symbols preferred by the monotheistic religions. Often such conversion attempts are motivated by the conviction that those who lack the proper religious perspective are in serious danger of long-term malaise.

Of the worlds major religions, only one nonmonotheistic religion, buddhism, has spread far beyond the culture of its origin. It seems safe to say that the earliest monotheism having long-term historical consequences, early judaism, probably better labeled as ancient israelite religion, actually had most of the characteristics of an ethnoreligion. Nevertheless, there is no need to elevate one religious viewpoint as superior nor to reduce them all to the same thing.

As huston smith has pointed out, the major persecuting religions of the world are monotheistic, and their willingness to persecute is tied directly to their universalistic convictions, especially the conviction that their conceptualization of deity is universally relevant and supreme. Rather than merely tolerating other points of view, one becomes curious about them and begins to explore and to investigate them empathetically. Beneath all the culturally relative and culture-bound symbols or beliefs and at the heart of the human creativity and responsiveness generating religious symbols and beliefs is that which stimulates such responses.

This position is not taken out of ignorance of the existence of other religions, but out of a judgment that a specific religion has, at most, a claim on those who belong to the culture in which that religion is found. . I will direct my comments mainly at monotheistic religions for two obvious reasons.

The majority of these established religions involve one of the most common principles widely discussed and worshiped since the dawn of time god or a varied collection of several gods often worshiped as one. Certainly the tools -- accurate and empathic accounts of the worlds religions and good teachers of the various traditions -- are readily available. Clearly, this attitude of genuine pluralism is not the norm taught by the religions to their adherents, nor is it an attitude that grows and matures without fostering. These attitudes, which are not especially characteristic of ethnoreligions, were critical for the long-term. This begs the question, if the united states is indeed declining in status, will it still be an influential player or not? I argue that the united states is losing its prominent position as the hegemonic leader of the world, but will still remain an influential player in global politics in the following decades to.

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    Therefore, it is important for the various religions to foster profound love of their own tradition in their members -- a love mature enough not to be based on competitiveness and not to foster insecurity as a response to difference. Additionally, such religions are often relatively uninterested in culture-bound practices and habits having to do with diet, social customs, family law, purity and pollution, or the minutia of daily life, et cetera...